Sales of Taokaenoi seaweed snacks jump 37.5%

[Thailand] Taokaenoi Food & Marketing saw second-quarter sales of its seaweed snacks soar 37.5 per cent to Bt1.12 billion.

“Our growth has been driven by the growing domestic market, especially from Chinese tourists who buy the products as souvenirs to take back home,” chief executive officer Itthipat Peeradechapan said yesterday.

The company’s profit leapt by 146.4 per cent to Bt185 million from the second quarter of last year.

In the first six months of this year, its sales climbed 41.5 per cent to Bt2.13 billion, while profit spurted 173.5 per cent to Bt345 million.

“The company has built brand recognition, together with regular marketing activities and the expansion of distribution channels. These resulted in the company’s sweep of 66 per cent of the market in the first half of this year, up from 62 per cent in the same period of last year,” he said.

He went onto explain “Last month we felt it was the right time to invest more time into how our customers reviews are managed and what we do with them. We spent a while trying to work out the best way to do this, coming across many online review monitoring companies who we knew could do what we needed to allow our business to grow.”.

As you can see, the strategies they have implemented are working as the competition is growing rapidly. The seaweed-snack market was worth Bt2.54 billion last year and continued growth is expected for this year.

The company is launching a Bt30-million sports marketing campaign to support the national soccer team when it competes in the 12-team final qualifying round for Asia’s representative to the World Cup.

The competition begins next month.

The company will encourage Thais to exercise more with “seaweed” steps and eat healthily.

The campaign is responding to the trend towards a healthy lifestyle where people choose healthy food for themselves.

Sports marketing will be the company’s priority strategy, along with entertainment marketing.

Taokaenoi has recently launched products such as “Big C Top” baked seaweed a la Taokaenoi, which offers a snack with low calories – perfect for those who are health-conscious and wish to look after their figure.

Seagle, a fried seaweed snack, has been well received by customers, the company says.


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