Seaweed meets style: Taiwan snacks hit US clothing stores

[Taiwan] Like to munch while you shop? Forever 21 hopes you do. Shoppers at the retailer’s U.S. locations can now pick up A-Sha’s (阿舍食堂) popular Seaweed Snacks while browsing racks of trendy clothing, according to a statement from the snack maker.

The food brand hopes that the partnership with Forever 21 can increase the popularity of its food snacks in the U.S. and says the move is an indicator of its ambitions to reach an international audience.

Forever 21 was founded by Korean-American businessman Chang Do Won in Los Angeles in 1984. It quickly gained popularity among fashion-oriented teens with its affordable pricing and now has 700 stores worldwide, with 500 in the U.S. alone.

In addition to selling fast fashion, the chain is now looking to stock other products popular among teens, including accessories and snacks.

As part of A-Sha’s partnership with Forever 21, American shoppers can choose from original or spicy Seaweed Snacks. Priced at US$1.90 for a 13-gram bag, the snacks are available at 280 Forever 21 stores across the U.S., including its flagship location at Times Square in New York.


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