Uncle Mike’s aquaculture and seaweed treasures

[Saipan] Traditionally, seaweed was never part of the Micronesian diet. But it is now a favorite among islanders, according to Michael Towai, known to the Palauan community as “Uncle Mike.”

Towai is a farmer on Saipan and he believes seaweed can be cultivated here.

“If you were to plant seaweed,” he said, “salty water and other species are needed to maintain a balanced living environment in a container.”

Aquaculture has been the focus of research, training, technical, commercial, and sustainable development attention in Micronesia for over 30 years.

It involves reef re-seeding, giant clams, crabs and Eucheuma seaweed which was attempted in Pohnpei in the mid-1980s, but relatively low returns to farmers and other problems prevented it from developing despite success in growing the seaweed.


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