‘Biofuel can be alternative to fossil fuel’

[India] Biofuel made from microalgae can prove to be an alternative to conventional fossil fuels, said experts participating in the international conference, titled ‘Microalgal and Cyanobacterial biotechnology (MACB) 2016’ conducted by the National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria (NFMC) in the city on Tuesday.

Cyanobacteria dating back to 3.5 billon years is the only organism which in addition to fixing carbon and oxygenating the environment, also fixes nitrogen, they said.

Being a tropical country and a mega diversity hotspot for flora and fauna, germplasm plays a significant role in biotechnology.

NFMC is conducting its second international conference after two decades. The conference will have seven plenary lectures and 27 invited lectures by eminent researchers and young scientists. A poster presentation will also be held.

Seetharaman Vaidyanathan, professor, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, spoke on lipid, carbohydrate metabolism with reference to biofuel production by microalgae. He highlighted the modalities to find out the role of carbon dioxide and nitrogen to elevate biofuels.

His research also focused to couple biofuel production with higher algal density. Vaidyanathan also spoke on how genes at the level of proteome and transcriptome influence metabolic pathways and its enzymes for higher biofuel production.

T Madan Mohan, advisor to Department of Biotechnology (DBT), said that researchers around the world are also aiming at such projects focusing on algae and cyanobacteria. He emphasized that NFMC will continue to perform well as a cyanobacterial bioinformatics research centre.

He called for an accelerated pace of work by the scientific community to cope up with the modern trends.

BDU Vice-Chancellor V Muthukumar pointed out that research ideas discussed in these conferences had to be augmented with potential research outcomes and motivated all the young researchers to derive maximum benefit from this conference.
NFMC was established in 1991 at BDU by the department of biotechnology, Union government, with a vision to create a repository or gene bank for these primordial organisms.


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