BIT’s 5th Annual International Congress of Algae-2016

[China] AICA-2016 will be held during Nov. 4-6, 2016 in Qingdao, China, which includes Plenary Lectures, Keynote Forum and Parallel Session Speech. Each speaker shall be entitled to no more than 20 minutes for the speech, plus 5 minutes for questions. AICA has been created to benefit industry professionals, and the program includes specific topical industry sessions, which will be very informative and practical.

AICA-2016 will seek the views and creative ideas on technologies for production and industry application of algae culture. We expected to get together with tentative topics for plenary lecture, focus on the fields of the Frontier of Algal Research; Algae Engineering & Analysis; Algae Biotechnology & Value-added Products etc.

Conference Highlights

  • 150+ attendees coming from all over the world to exchange Ideas, build new networks, and foster friendships
  • 80+ presentations & 20+ scientific posters covering hot topics and cutting-edge technology
  • Roundtable and panel discussion, matchmaking, investment, career development opportunities
  • Social activities and networking, field trip and build partnerships in China, find huge opportunities and markets for your business over the world
  • Tech tour to famous science spots & historical sites in China


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