`Red tide’ algae kills tonnes of fish in Vietnam

[Vietnam] Hanoi – Blooming algae known as “red tide” has killed tonnes of caged and wild fish in northern Vietnam, local media reported Monday.

Forty-seven tonnes of fish farmed on Thanh Hoa province’s Nghi Son Island were reported dead, while another 300 kilograms of dead wild fish were collected by authorities, the Tuoi Tre newspaper said.

Tests of seawater later revealed high amounts of Creratium furca, a type of algae which causes the red tide.

While red tide often occurs naturally, authorities have blamed the recent algae blooms on excess nutrients near the seashore caused by runoff from upstream, local website VN Express said.

Fish deaths have been a sensitive issue in Vietnam in recent months after a leak at a Taiwanese-owned steel plant killed tonnes of fish off the country’s central coast in April and May.

The fish deaths triggered rare public protests by environmental activists and dissidents who were critical of the government’s response.


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