ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. Issues CEO Report for Q2/Q3 2016

[USA] In the 14 months since the last shareholder meeting in late June of 2015, the Company has continued to focus on Research and Development (R&D) efforts for its proprietary algal biomass, extracts and high-value bioactive compounds while developing the business case and production scale-up to cultivate and productize that algal biomass.

Despite funding challenges that affected forward momentum over the past year, the R&D team was able to move forward incrementally on several fronts in fall of 2015 and through the summer of 2016, among them contracting the University of Georgia’s Center for Complex Carbohydrate Research to conduct further analysis of the supernatant and cell extractions. Also, the National Food Laboratory and Covance conducted nutritional profile analyses of the algal biomass, while GreenWater Laboratories handled preliminary toxicological analyses. The testing was conducted as part of the requirements for FDA compliance as a feed/food ingredient.

From a nutritional perspective, the results are compelling: the ZIVO strain has more protein than an equivalent amount of beef liver, more micronutrients than many vegetable greens, as well as plenty of bioavailable vitamin A and C — a flexible source of healthy, plant-based protein that can find its way into many different feeds, foods and beverages.

This is a new wrinkle in the ZIVO story, which has centered primarily on the bioactivity of the algal biomass and its extracts. ZIVO algae offers a non-GMO, antibiotic-free, sustainable source of non-animal protein with an exceptional amino acid profile.

The Company has made a white paper and a nutrition document available on its corporate website —http://zivobioscience.com/ to further detail these new developments.

The Company’s near-term objective is to finalize its compliance efforts, to include extensive documentation of the production process at commercial scale, which is now underway at a facility in Vero Beach, Florida. Construction of covered ponds was completed in mid-May and algal feedstock from the Arizona Center for Algae Technology & Innovation (AzCATI) was successfully introduced and is growing in two 50,000 liter covered ponds. The algal biomass is harvested and shipped to a commercial spray-drying facility in Arizona, constituting the nutritional product ZIVO intends to market. The high-value bioactives would be extracted prior to the spray-dry step.

The Burdock Group, a consulting firm based in Orlando, FL was contracted in early June to assist the Company in its compliance efforts to garner FDA approval for the algal biomass and extracts as a human and animal food/feed ingredient.

In a parallel effort, the Company continues R&D efforts on its bioactive compounds, specifically as they pertain to bovine mastitis and canine joint health, as funding permits.

Over the past year, the Company has been engaged in a wide-ranging effort to raise $5 million in new capital to finalize its R&D deliverables and initiate licensing deals. Funding shortfalls have resulted in delayed experimentation and process development.

The WellMetris LLC affiliate has had its funding challenges, as well. However, forward progress has been made, as the WellMetris science team in the South Bend laboratory located at the University of Notre Dame campus has conducted several production runs of the wellness panel chemistry, followed by standards testing to confirm sensitivity, error rates and stability of the assays. Beginning in February, benchtop testing was also conducted on 25 beta-stage analyzers to make sure they met sensitivity and error rate goals. In late April, the 3D models for the sample collection device were finalized.

WellMetris conducted its first market research intercept program in late June to test the market for a consumer version of its compact, smartphone-enabled analyzer and mobile application. The WellMetris affiliate recently engaged compliance consultants and legal counsel to conduct a review of its regulatory strategy relative to a consumer personal health/nutrition version of the analyzer platform and to assist in the preparation of appropriate documentation and filings.

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