Harvest quota set for brown seaweed Lessonia trabeculata

[Peru] The Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) has set the collection quota for the brown seaweed Lessonia trabeculata at 28.677 tonnes for the year 2016.

According to the ministerial resolution published on Friday, the collection of the resource is authorised in the maritime area adjacent to the department of Arequipa, according to the recommendation and scientific support of Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE).

The harvest activity of the quota will start from 00:00 hours on the business day following the publication of the Resolution of the Regional Production Management of the Regional Government of Arequipa, which will inform the ratio of the artisanal fishing vessels that have valid fishing permits for the collection of this resource.

The Ministry of Production will suspend the collection in those cases in which the authorized collection quota is reached; if IMARPE technical provisions and recommendations are not complied with, due to the incidence of obstruction acts of the supervision work or those endangering the integrity and safety of the inspectors; and if IMARPE reports on the registration of reproductive plant rates higher than 70 per cent for two consecutive days.

The brown seaweed Lessonia trabeculata is considered a keystone species and its collection could alter the benthic ecosystem, since it houses a large number of different species of fish and invertebrates.

In addition, this resource is processed to extract alginates that serve as raw material for the textile industry, food, pharmaceutical, dental, among others.

This macroalgae is handmade harvested and has a great importance for rural areas involved in the collection activity, which creates jobs and socioeconomic well-being for a significant number of families.


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