Extending a helping hand to poor fishermen

[India] Collector S Natarajan has inspected ornamental fish rearing and sales centres and seaweed cultivation under the State Balanced Growth (SBG) Funds Scheme and National Fisheries Development (NFD) Scheme in Mandapam block to provide alternative livelihood to the fisher folk.

The Fisheries Department was implementing the SBG fund scheme with 90 per cent subsidy to help fishermen rear and sell ornamental fish species and cultivate seaweed using raft technology under NFD scheme as a part of welfare programmes for the benefit of poor fishermen.

Accompanied by M. Kasinathapandian, Deputy Director of Fisheries and K. Easwaran, scientist in-charge of the Marine Algal Research Station (MARS) on Saturday, he interacted with beneficiaries about the successful implementation of the schemes. Ten beneficiaries have been selected to rear and sell ornamental fish species and each beneficiary was given Rs. 3 lakh with 90 per cent subsidy. While four beneficiaries reared ornamental fishes in marine water, others reared in fresh water, sources said.

The Collector inspected the seaweed cultivation in the Palk Strait by fisherwomen with technical support of MARS. Over 500 women who were members of women self-help groups were cultivating seaweed species of Gracilaria debilis and highly remunerative Gelideilla acerosa using raft method, developed by the research station.

The SHGs were given subsidy under the NFD Scheme, sources said. With 50 per cent subsidy, each group was given Rs 1.13 lakh, they said adding 41 groups were given total assistance of Rs 46.13 lakh. Besides, 30 SHGs got rafts worth Rs 22.5 lakh under a World Bank scheme for seaweed cultivation, they said.

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