Superfood on the rise: Top 5 Chlorella benefits

[Global] Algae has grown in popularity since it was discovered to be a potent source of health and healing powers. There are two species that have been confirmed to provide multiple advantages. Spirulina and chlorella.

Just as spirulina, the blue-green algae chlorella is considered a superfood. The chlorella benefits have surpassed other food supplements in the market today.

A tablespoon of chlorella contains outstanding amounts of zinc, magnesium, iron, protein, phosphorus, vitamins B1, B3, B2, B6, and A. This makes it better than spinach, broccoli, and kale.

1. Detoxify the Body

On top of the chlorella’s nutritional benefits is its capacity to detoxify one’s body from heavy metals and radioactive particles. Heavy metals can be contained in your system in many ways, such as: being vaccinated, having tooth fillings, taking fish often, breathing air, and being exposed to radiation.

Chlorella insulates these metals and other toxins and prevents them from being absorbed into the soft tissues and organs of your body. Also, after every cancer treatment through radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the chlorophyll in chlorella keeps the body safe from radiation.

This has been proven by research conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College. The patients under study showed lesser occurrences of flu-like sicknesses and respiratory infections.

2. Strengthen the Immune System

Research has shown that chlorella amps up the immune system and makes it more powerful to combat diseases by improving cell activity.

Likewise, regular intake of chlorella is said to slow down the aging process. Since chlorella decreases the oxidative stress caused by poor diet, stress, and pollution, one looks younger. It naturally improves the levels of Vitamins A and C as well as the glutathione in your body.


3. Lose Weight

Researchers have observed that there is a significant decrease in the fat percentage, fasting blood glucose levels, and serum total cholesterol after taking in chlorella.

This popular food supplement regulates the hormone that helps in metabolism, improves circulation, and promotes high levels of energy. Along with its ability to detoxify the body systems, losing weight is an evident result.

4. Combat Cancer

Our bodies develop cancer (or broken) cells on a daily basis, but an immune system that functions properly is able to fight and destroy these cancer cells even before they become full-blown cancer.

Removing toxins and heavy metals from the body and strengthening the immune system are the major ways chlorella fights cancer. Moreover, it improves the action of T cells to fight abnormal cells and removes radiation for cancer patients that undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

5. Decrease Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

The reasons why many people suffer from high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes in recent times are poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and stress.

Research has proven that cholesterol and blood glucose levels are lowered by daily taking 8,000 mg of chlorella. This is reported to be due to chlorella’s capacity to activate the genes at the cellular level thus improving insulin sensitivity and bringing in a healthy balance.

Overall chlorella benefits are so enormous that it indeed deserves its spot among the superfoods. You can add it to smoothies and juices to amp up their already amazing nutrient content or buy in tablets.

When buying chlorella powder or tablets always make sure they come from a reliable source grown in fresh, non-contaminated water.


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