Want to look young? Put red algae on your face

[France] In the picturesque island of Corsica in the south of France the yellow Immortelle plant thrives. It is sustainably grown by Corsican farmers and is hand harvested for its essential oils known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Immortelle is the key ingredient that is used in French beauty brand L’Occitane’s anti-ageing skincare products.

Within the waters of Corsica L’Occitane has also discovered Jania Rubens, a curious red seaweed found in the sheltered waters of Revellata Bay, that has the ability to regenerate eternally.

The idea to explore the sea came from the brand’s founder, Olivier Baussan, a lover of Corsica. It took the brand many years of research to identify the unique algae and learn of its synergy with Immortelle.

The brand has integrated healing properties of Immortelle with the regeneration ability of Jania Rubens in its newest and most luxurious skincare, the L’Occitane Harmonie Divine skincare, the Harmonie Divine Serum and Harmonie Divine Cream.

The serum contains 5,000 micro-drops of Immortelle Millesimee and water-based crystalline gel enriched with Jania Rubens to plump facial volumes and define contours. The cream is a fusion of oil and water, and transforms into a soft oil that penetrates skin easily and softens expression lines.

L’Occitane conducted several clinical tests to prove the effectiveness of this red algae and there was also a genetic study that showed the uniqueness of this ingredient sourced from Corsica, compared with the same ingredient sourced from the Atlantic.

An Immortelle field in Corsica Island.
An Immortelle field in Corsica Island.

This is the first time the brand is introducing the potency of seaweed into its mainly botanical-based skincare line and combining it with Immortelle.

Through studies involving over 200 women worldwide, the brand says women today want much more than just clinically proven results. They want to know everything about the product, quality, origin of ingredients, the people who harvest them to the product’s sustainability factor. Basically, women want to feel in harmony with the world around them, while they are benefiting from a beauty product.

So, obviously, the brand is not plundering from the seas of Corsica to keep you looking youthful.

To preserve the Jania Rubens species, L’Occitane has set up its first sustainable cultivation programme in controlled conditions.

L’Occitane, in a partnership with Stareso (Marine Station for Underwater and Oceanographic Research), a research centre that is committed to protecting Corsica’s marine biodiversity, obtained the first fragment of the red algae to study its potential. Scientists who are experts in marine environment took the first sample of the red algae from Revellata Bay to be researched by the brand.

This fragment was then cultivated in vitro in an aquarium replicating the exceptional conditions of its natural habitat. According to the brand, this made it possible to trigger the regeneration process to produce new algae and in turn obtain its 100% natural active extract.

So now that you know, the brand hopes that you won’t be anxious using this skincare and your face will be a reflection of your calm youthful inner self!


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