Allmicroalgae prepares for large scale production of algae-based omega-3

[Portugal] Portuguese microalgae producer, Allmicroalgae Natural Products S.A., has moved to the next stage in development of new production technologies to grow Nannochloropsis oceanica on a big scale, to provide price-competitive omega-3 oil rich in EPA.

“Currently, we’re working with strategic partners within the supplement industry to test Nannochloropsis. More sustainable and cost-effective to produce, these customers are seeing huge business potential for using Nannochloropsis as a source of vegan/vegetarian omega-3. This testing phase is a positive step in assuring the supply of a natural, sustainable source of plant-based EPA,” explains Business Development Manager, Sofia Hoffmann de Mendonça from Allmicroalgae Natural Products S.A.

Scaling up for feed applications with fermentation technology
In addition to continuing production of phototrophically grown Chlorella and the omega-3 opportunity, another focus area is to finalise the development of microalgae fermentation production. The aim of this development is to be able to serve large volumes not only to the health food market, but also to the feed industry. Fermentation increases production efficiency, and allows an even higher control over the cultures.

“We see big future potential ahead for microalgae. We’re aiming to provide a wider range of non-GMO solutions to service multiple industries. With different microalgae strains and production methods, we’ll meet customers’ varying quality and volume needs within supplements, food, feed and other industries,” says de Mendonça.

Growing market opportunities with Chlorella vulgaris
For the current Allma Chlorella product range, Allmicroalgae sees further opportunities expanding. Chlorella is recognised for its natural antioxidant, detoxifying and immune-boosting properties, enabling opportunities for wider use in the functional health arena. In addition, growing interest in chlorophyll and other phytochemicals creates further opportunities within functional drinks and powders, supplements and skin care products, with Chlorella being nature’s most densely-rich source of chlorophyll. Consumers seeking natural wellness solutions of vegetable origin are increasingly receptive to Chlorella’s bright green colour, and advanced processes have helped to reduce the ‘algae taste’.

In the supplement and food markets, Chlorella is a perfect fit to meet rising consumer trends for natural, sustainable, plant-based alternatives of omega-3 and protein, and many other nutrients.


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