Better fed, more for human health

[Canada] To improve human health, it is better to feed meat animals, including increasing the intake of omega-3 through flax seed or microalgae, shows extensive scientific study coordinated by INRA, whose results will be presented on soon.

“We have demonstrated that by introducing flax or rich microalgae DHA (the most essential omega-3 in our body) in animal nutrition, we arrive at the deficit in omega-3 human” said Monday Jacques Mourot, biochemist specializing in human and animal nutrition at INRA (National Institute for Agricultural research) in Rennes.

Mr. Mourot Agralid coordinated the study which involved twenty researchers for three years in connection with the Terrena cooperative, the animal nutrition company Valorex and the Bleu Blanc Coeur association.

The study shows that the introduction of flax or microalgae -comportant the same Omega 3 than the fish- helps rebalance volumes of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in animals as in humans who consumes it.

Omega, especially 3 and 6 fatty acids are beneficial to health because they preclude the saturated fatty acids originally include cardiovascular problems.

“The recommendations of ANSES (National Health Security Agency for Food) for the consumption of omega-3 is 2 grams per day for linoténique alpha, or we consume 800 mg on average day and 500 mg for long-chain derivatives (DHA), or we consume in that 200 to 250 mg “said Mr. Mourot.

Still according to the ANSES , humans should not consume more than five times more omega 6 than omega-3. “But the ratio varies between 15 and 30 on average,” notes the scientist.

According to nutritionists, this excess of Omega 6 (coming from corn or sunflower oils or oil cakes eaten by livestock) can produce inflammation of the arteries that can lead to


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