Dundee fish hatchery hopes to install system to fight golden algae

[USA] Texas Parks and Wildlife is excited about one of the state’s largest fish hatchery’s being back on-line after the prolonged drought and the chance of getting a new treatment system for golden algae.

The staff at the Dundee fish hatchery are hoping to get an ozone system online to try and stop golden algae from infecting their ponds. For about 5 years now an ozone system has treated water entering the fish hatchery at Possum Kingdom. It was the first one used at a hatchery in Texas.

The system in Dundee, though, was in the planning stages at about that time. Before the hatchery had to be shut down during the drought. Now, Manager John Paret says Dundee hopes to soon get that ozone system finally online there too.

“Using ozone would be, also would mean we’re using less chemicals. So, less expense. You know, when we’re treating ponds, whether it be fertilizing or putting product in pond in pond to treat golden algae, we also have to be concerned about the affluence of stuff we’re putting back out,” John Paret.

In the future, Paret says the hatchery hopes to put a system into place that would allow them to recycle excess water back into lake diversion.


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