Lab crude oil: 30 minutes process time vs nature crude oil’s 65 million years process time

[USA] Crude Oil can now be extracted from biomass at a very fast rate compared to how nature process crude oil. In the laboratory, crude oil could be produced with algae undergoing chemical processes and need not be extracted from the depths of the earth. Unlike fossil fuels, on land and offshore drilling is required to suck this liquid gold up the surface for processing.

The promising potential of what this renewed source of energy could do is so wide that it will alter the landscape of how we consume power and energy in the future. Tapping this Algae source Crude Oil is what this planet needs right now. Algae can also produce direct energy like methane and other useful gases.

Scientists and researchers are also considering the cost and ROI ratio for this green source of energy. Ever since positive results were achieved in trials on vehicles, civilian and military planes; like the Ford F450, the Boeing 747, up to US Navy Helicopter and a hybrid electric Prius, Government and investors are now more than optimistic to produce this source of energy on a larger scale, said the article.

Now that laboratory crude oil can be produced in less than an hour, Scientists are challenged on how to extract it in large volumes. Douglas C. Elliot, who is the lead investigator for this project has licensed the technology to Genifuel Corporation based in Utah, to help in mass production. Genifuel stated that in order to be self-sustaining on operations and finance, it has to convert 608 tons of algae to crude oil per day. “Considering the challenge that biofuel is the close competitor of petroleum based products, this is a huge step on the right direction”, said James Oyler, president of Genifuel, according to an article in


Photo : Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Awful smelling algae is seen along the St. Lucie River on July 11, 2016 in Stuart, Florida

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