NAA: Proposed Algae Manhattan Project for Fuels

[USA] The National Algae Association is the first non-profit algae education and production trade association in the world established 10 years ago. Our members are commercially-minded algae researchers, algae producers, equipment companies and private industry. We know we are not getting off fossil fuels for decades to come but due to the current environment oil companies need to diversify some of their investments. Algae fuels could be an additional revenue source for oil companies. Algae fuels have been already been proven in automobiles and commercial airlines.

Exxon, Phillips 66 and Bill Gates have invested in algae. NAA is planning the first ‘Algae Manhattan Project for Fuels’ in the world. The project will be a collaboration between algae(biocrude) oil, fossil fuel (crude) oil experts, universities, commercial algae producers, process engineers and equipment companies from around the world to build the first commercial algae “biocrude” farm for fuels in Texas. Our plans are to use ‘proven parts of algae fuel technologies all in one place.

Planning meetings are scheduled for Spring 2017 to be held in The Woodlands, Texas. If your fossil fuel oil experts are interested in collaboration in our Algae Manhattan Project for Fuels, feel free to contact: [email protected]

National Algae Association


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