New bacon-flavoured seaweed

[Netherlands] Following ‘I sea pasta,’ Seamore has now announced a new product during the official launch of Foodyard Amsterdam. ‘I sea bacon’ is a 100 per cent seaweed version of bacon. This vegetable, a healthy and sustainable alternative, tastes salty, of course, but is also smoky and crunchy after frying for a bit. ‘I sea bacon’ is available from 24 November.

Since its inception, Seamore has been awarded various international prizes for its mission: to discover unique types of seaweed in order to use them to create healthier, sustainable versions of well-known products.

Save my bacon

Willem Sodderland, founder of Seamore: “We heard of a type of seaweed that would be similar to bacon. The moment I threw it in the pan was magical: the purple leaves turned into green, crunchy bacon. I added eggs, and thus created the first meal.” I sea bacon made quick work of bacon’s bad reputation.

Andre Gerrits, Michelin star chef of restaurant ’t Amsterdammertje, and winner of the Taste of the World award: “I believe in Seamore’s vision. Seaweed is an amazing additional ingredient. The seaweed bacon can be used as a topping in many different ways: from haute cuisine to classics with a twist.”

Future of Food   

Rob Baan, CEO of Koppert Cress and member of Seamore’s advisory board, has another reason for being enthusiastic: “Nature has so much to offer without us having to meddle. The future of our food is not necessarily because of technological modernisation, but mostly thanks to finding smarter alternatives in nature. I sea pasta and I sea bacon are a wonderful example of this.”


Photo: Andre Gerrits (Michelin start chef ’t Amsterdammertje) and Willem Sodderland (Seamore) during the presentation of I sea bacon at Foodyard Amsterdam.

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