Paper from algae project wins first position

[India] Paper made from algae made to promote eco-friendly measures by Jaipur-based school has won first position in the CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition in the category of Innovation in Renewable Resource for Sustainable Development concluded on Saturday.

The paper made from algae is more cost effective than the usual paper from the wood, claimed the team of three members. Other projects which received wide appreciation were a mobile app for dyslexic students made by a dyslexia student. The top three teams will participate in the national CBSE round.

Three students of Jaipur-based Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School in Jagatpura named ‘Tiny Mighty Al’ is based on the principle of reducing the carbon footprint and to contribute towards the saving earth from the climate change by innovations and technological advances. Students have used algae commonly known as ‘Kai’ which is generally considered as waste and is thrown away.

“Algae also contains high amount of cellulose and negligible lignin which reduces the time, energy and cost of producing paper from it. When we compare it with wood the cost of making paper from algae is half and the output is double thus saving forest and biodiversity,” said Kartik Chandna, one of the three students.

The team worked on the principle that wood contains less cellulose and high amount of lignin which interferes with the process of making paper. The removal of lignin takes a lot of time, energy and money. The output of wood pulp is comparatively half than from algal pulp. “We have chosen algae because it has the ability to sequester carbon dioxide from highly polluted areas and produces oxygen in the atmosphere far more than that produced by trees reducing the carbon footprint,” added Chandna.

Counting on the benefits, they says that it can be cultured anywhere as it requires stagnant water, sunlight and CO2. It also helps in fixing nitrogen, can be used as biofuel, biofertiliser and high protein rich food. This paper can be produced anywhere and takes only 12 hours to be completed. This paper is further sent to industries for further processing and to obtain different textures and colours of paper.

Any type of algae can be used but the best is red algae. Students of MPS Jawahar Nagar in Jaipur have formed an organic farming placed at balcony or terrace. They have prepared our organic soil composed of vermicompost, peat, rice hulls, bagasse and many more organic residues. To add nutrients and minerals, they have prepared organic fertilizers and named it after days so that different liquid can be added in different forms. The exhibition held at Kapil Gyanpeeth School in Jaipur.


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