How algae can protect your skin from pollution

[France] 2017 hits off on a great note as recent breakthroughs in our quest for healthy and youthful skin continue. Scientist have now found a way to use extracts from algae to protect our skin from the harmful effects of pollution.

BiotechMarine is a company that specialises in researching and developing high-tech bioactive natural substances from seaweed and marine plants. In November 2016, they revealed an innovative new ingredient derived from algae. And it works as a skin purifying agent.

How Does Pollution Affect Your Skin?

Air pollution does not only impact your internal health. By putting you at higher risk of developing lung and heart diseases. But it also affects your external health.

It is now putting many people who live in polluted areas at high risk of premature aging. It does this by indefinitely exposing your skin to harmful toxins and causing biological damage.

Did You Know?

“92% of the world’s population lives in an environment that is too polluted, which causes numerous adverse impacts on the skin, such as early aging, cutaneous malfunctions or over-production of sebum,” shares BiotechMarine to the press.

Skin problems that can occur due to pollution include:

  1. Wrinkles and age spots
  2. Hyper-Pigmentation on cheeks
  3. Chronic inflammation
  4. Redness and rosacea
  5. Damaged collagen
  6. Eczema and hives

What Impact Will Algae Have?

Though algae may not seem like an obviously vital part of the marine ecosystem. It has an extremely useful function. One of which is its ability to form a symbiotic relationship with other organisms (hosts) to mutually better their chances of survival.

A very rare, red algae, known as Acro chaetium moniliforme. Works alongside other micro-organisms and creates a surface barrier around its hosts in order to protect them against various external harms.

BiotechMarine has now been able to extract the cells that are essential for this process from the algae. And use them to create a skin purifying active ingredient called contacticel.

Contacticel is an ingredient that can protect the skin against various forms of pollutants. Including ozone, heavy metals and microparticles.

“This innovative technology enables us once again to enhance a rare marine species and draw inspiration to create an original active ingredient that promotes healthy skin. It’s a great example of bio-inspiration,” says Erwan Le Gélébart, R&D project manager for BiotechMarine.


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