Dutch seaweed specialist launches ‘seaweed bacon’

[Netherlands] If seaweed pasta wasn’t wacky enough for you, Dutch specialist Seamore has released its latest type of seaweed in disguise: ‘I Sea Bacon’.

The bacon substitute, which is made from dulse seaweed, turns from purple to a crispy golden green when fried. It can also be eaten in its dried form (as sold) or softened in water before being added to a dish.

With a smoky flavour similar to that of bacon, I Sea Bacon also has “the added benefits of being vegan and highly sustainable,” Seamore wrote in a press release.

Since the Amsterdam-based start-up was set up in 2014, it has been marketing seaweed as a healthy and sustainable vegan alternative. The firm now has two products on the market following the launch of organic seaweed tagliatelle I Sea Pasta in August last year.

Both products are available to buy at selected stores in eight countries, as well as online.

At present Seamore uses two varieties of seaweed in its products, Himantalia elongate and dulse, both of which are organically harvested on the Irish coastline.

Seaweed, a growing food trend, is a sustainable and eco-friendly food source, according to the company. “With the world’s population set to grow to 9 million by 2050, sustainable foods are the way forward,” the company writes.

Seaweed uses no fertilisers or pesticides, and 15 per cent of the seaweed harvested worldwide will grow back, Seamore claims.


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