Learn how to assemble Schott tubular glass photobioreactor in 5 minutes

[Global] Schott is a leading international corporation specialize in the area of glass and glass-ceramics manufacturing. With more than 130 years of outstanding development in glass materials and glass manufacturing technology.

To accommodate the rising interest in algae farming around the world, Schott tubing provides customized products and services for various industry such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, industrial and environmental engineering sectors to grow high-quality algae for different purposes.

Schott’s photobiroeactor is an user-friendly algae cultivation system. It allows fast installation that reduces built up time of a photobioreactor system. To show how easy it is, the following 5-minutes video tutorial gives a step-by-step instructions on assembling Schott’s photobioreactor.

Unlike plastic tubes, the high quality glass  components of Schott photobioreactor shown in the video above can last for at least 50 years. These glass tubes has also been successfully tested for 10 years lifetime with regards of 3 bar pressure resistance, UV-resistance, and regular cleaning cycles with various chemicals.

Other than the glass components, the Schott photobioreactor couplings are designed with plain tube ends according to the photo illustration below. These couplings are reliable and long lasting solutions for cultivation of food-grade algae such as Haematococcus and Spirulina.

Schott photobioreactor couplings on the U-bends.

Unique features of Schott photobiroeactor includes:

  1. Easy to disassemble and re-use allowing for fast
    modification or extension of a photobioreactor system.
  2. Easy handling with pre-assembled devices and a special
    tool kit including a torque wrench
  3. Made of food-grade approved materials.

For more information about Schott photobioreactor products, please visit: http://www.schott.com/pbr


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