Ocean’s Halo maker ‘significantly expands’ line of seaweed snacks

[USA] New Frontier Foods has announced ‘a significant expansion’ to its range of seaweed products in the US.

The maker of Ocean’s Halo will launch a ‘first-of-its-kind’ dark chocolate Seaweed Strip, which consists of two thin layers of seaweed either side of a crunchy layer of almonds or coconut, with dark chocolate in the middle.

It will also introduce new chilli-lime and Korean barbecue flavours of its Seaweed Snack sheets, adding to the four flavours already available.

To satisfy growing market demand for at-home sushi products, New Frontier will launch a high-quality line of organic sushi nori, debuting in the spring.

The company’s production facility in Cerritos, California was also certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute back in the autumn.

Commenting on the expansion, Ocean’s Halo co-founder Robert Mock said: “Seaweed shouldn’t be boring. Consumers deserve new and interesting products and we’re going to be relentless in our pursuit of product innovation. We couldn’t be more excited about the dark chocolate strips, new flavoured sheets and the organic nori. And stay tuned for another completely new product later this year.”


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