The ‘Smurf Latte’ launched in Dublin and is the answer to your back to work woes

[UK] It’s the first day back to work and many of us will be leaning heavily on our old friend caffeine to get us through to 5pm.

However, a new latte has been launched in Dublin today and promises to put a pop in your step – without any of the guilt!

The ‘Smurf Latte’, or Live Blue Latte as it’s officially known, is a supercharged health drink that includes lemon, ginger, agave, almond milk and E3 live algae.

Cracked Nut on Camden Street is the first spot in the city to offer the Smurf Latte, having also been one of the pioneers of the now beloved Matcha Latte.

The Smurf Latte is one of a range of Healthy Lattes available at the café, including Tumeric Latte, Beetroot Latte and the antioxidant-rich Matcha.

Nikki Carruthers from Cracked Nut explained that research suggests the live algae in the latte promotes support of healthy inflammation responses after physical activity, healthy joints, and antioxidant and cellular protection.

“The blue algae is a superfood that helps support overall body/mind balance, we are really excited to be the first in Ireland to have it on our menu. We’ve wanted to introduce a Healthy Latte Menu for a while now, and have been working hard behind the scenes to balance the combination of flavours across the menu to make sure each latte is not only super healthy, they are also super tasty.”

The healthy latte range is priced from €3 to €4, with the Smurf Latte available for €4.

Worth a go!


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