Valensa to commercialize Algal Scientific algae-based immune health ingredients in U.S. human health & nutrition markets

[USA] Valensa International (Eustis, FL USA) announced today that it has reached an agreement with Algal Scientific Corporation (Plymouth, MI USA) to commercialize Algal’s PureAlgal™ branded ingredients – whole dried microalgae (Euglena gracilis) and purified beta-1,3-glucan – in the human health and nutrition markets. Valensa is ready to offer these algae based ingredients to its customers in various channels like Natural & Health food stores as unique, well differentiated algae ingredients and also as part of its Immunum™ formulations. These products have a strategic fit into Valensa and further reiterates its leadership status in the microalgae business with existing products like Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin Complex (extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis grown in Chile), Parry Organic Spirulina & Organic Chlorella.

PureAlgal™ Euglena gracilis is a golden yellow powder produced from US-grown, non-GMO Euglena gracilis that is free of allergens and contains about 50% beta-1, 3-glucan along with numerous micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Algal Scientific also produces PureAlgal™ Beta-Glucan 95% through a water-based, non-solvent, and low temperature extraction process to create the highest purity beta-1, 3-glucan available on the market today. Valensa has conducted in vitro pilot studies with both ingredients and plans to develop a full-scale, gold-standard clinical trial in early 2017. Valensa will use the Algal Scientific ingredients in a series of formulated dietary supplement products, including as a component in its ‘greens’ product lines, such as those containing Parry Organic Spirulina and Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin, to offer immune health support.

According to Dr. John Minatelli, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Valensa, this partnering with Algal Scientific will allow for the development of exciting new science and unique products moving into the future. “Algal Scientific has done a great job in developing a substantial body of science with its Euglena gracilis material in the animal health field. Based on this and our own initial clinical work with the material, we are very excited about the opportunity for developing formulated products under the Immunum™ product line to offer a range of immune health products,” he said. “As people are now beginning to understand the importance of immune health support, we are actively developing next-generation solutions for the market, helping educate the industry and expecting to see the market expand dramatically,” he added.

PureAlgal™ – A better immune health ingredient

Manufactured in the United States, in a 30,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art fermentation facility, PureAlgal™ products are made through a patent-pending four-step process. The Euglena gracilis microalgae are grown indoors in sterile stainless steel tanks with purified water and food-grade fermentation nutrients. Once the algae accumulates 50% beta-glucan by weight, it is filtered and separated from the fermentation broth.

The beta-glucan can be further extracted intact and undamaged from the algae without the use of solvents or high heat, retaining its natural potency. The resulting product is dried, milled and packaged.  Compared to yeast-based products containing only 60 – 80% beta-glucan, PureAlgal™ Beta-Glucan is more concentrated at 95%. It is also considered more bioavailable due to its linear structure and small particle size as well as being more efficacious in respect to key immune markers.

According to John Tucker, CEO of Algal Scientific, the choice of Valensa International as a commercialization partner for its PureAlgal ingredients was based on Valensa’s broad experience in the supplement and human nutrition markets – represented by the company’s experience in producing targeted, formulated products as well as its background with superfoods such as its Parry Organic Spirulina. “We are excited to work with the team at Valensa to help bring our unique algae-based ingredients to the human dietary supplement market,” he said. “We could not envision a better partner.”


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