CIFT to launch nutridrink with seaweed extract

[India] Kochi-headquartered Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) has developed a nutritional drink, grape juice with seaweed extract, which will be launched in Delhi next week.
According to CIFT scientists, edible seaweeds are rich in natural antioxidants, dietary polysaccharides, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

“We are ready to transfer the technology to those who are willing to launch it commercially,” said C N Ravishankar, CIFT director.

The grape juice made with extracts of sargassum, brown seaweed, does not use any chemicals and can be stored for six months without any damage.

“The nutraceutical drink will help develop domestic small-scale industry,” said Suseela Mathew, head of biochemistry and nutrition division, CIFT.

“The challenge was in removing the smell of the seaweed, which we have successfully overcome. You will never know that the drink is a marine product,” she added.

The grape juice has 25% seaweed.

Seaweeds are mainly used as gelling and thickening agents in food or pharmaceutical industries and are a huge source of bio-fertilizers.

Sargassum is consumed as food and medicines across the world and is abundantly available across the coast.

Seaweed cultivation has been popularized in four districts in Tamil Nadu, said C Periyaswamy, vice-president, Aquaculture Foundation of India (AFI), Madurai.


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