Spanish pastry chef puts seaweed cakes on the menu

[Spain] A Spanish pastry chef is pioneering a sea change in gastronomy using the green stuff that floats in the ocean.

Seaweed is the shock secret ingredient in patisserie maestro Carles Mampel’s groundbreaking new repertoire of gourmet sweets, biscuits and cakes.

Algae-stuffed truffles, cookies and muffins will all soon be on offer thanks to his culinary wizardry.

The award-winning Barcelona cook began experimenting with the sea vegetable to create sweet treats that are delectable but healthy.

“Some of the varieties are perfect in taste”, said Mampel.

“I mixed one type with milk to create a gel, which I then turned into a delicious caramel cream

“Sea lettuce is perfect for taste but also for its paper-like texture. I use it as edible packaging and crisp to top my magdalenas.”

He also stresses the nutritional value of seaweed, which is rich in iodine, protein and fibre while being low in fat.

Mampel admits that it will take time to change public opinion.

“It’s a cultural question,” he said.

“So for this reason it’s easiest to introduce it into well-known recipes for biscuits and chocolate bars before opening eyes to new creations.”


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