alGeepa, the vegan Omega-3 supplement line, hits shelves at H-E-B

[USA] Qualitas Health, the Texas-based company revolutionizing nutrition products by unleashing the power of algae, announced today the launch of alGeepa at H-E-B. alGeepa, the premium, 100% vegan omega-3 supplement line, is now available for purchase exclusively at select H-E-B stores throughout Texas and online through the H-E-B website.

“alGeepa is a breakthrough product that revolutionizes the category of omega-3s,” said Qualitas Health CEO Miguel Calatayud. “Most people don’t know that fish and krill get their omega-3s from algae. By harnessing the power of algae, our alGeepa line provides high-quality, vegan, sustainably-grown omega-3s in a product that anybody can use everyday. Having worked extensively with H-E-B in the past, I’m excited to explore this new venture and introduce consumers to ‘the original omega-3s.'”

alGeepa is the first all-vegan, GMO-Free, and plant-powered dietary supplement line harnessing the life supporting benefits associated with Almega® PL. Almega PL® is a 100% vegan, algae-based ingredient that is specifically designed to help the body absorb omega-3s faster and more completely than ever before. While other omega-3 supplements offer DHA, Almega PL® features the “mother” of all essential fatty acids, the omega-3 EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), with polar lipids for best-in-class bioavailability of any omega-3 source.

Omega-3s are a key part of a healthy diet, leading to improved cardiovascular function, nervous system function and immunity. alGeepa uses algae-derived omega-3s to deliver health benefits directly to consumers, in a formula that’s clinically proven to provide superior digestibility and absorption compared to conventional animal-sourced oils.

alGeepa will be one of many products at H-E-B to feature the GoTexan® seal. GoTexan®, an effort of the Texas Department of Agriculture, promotes the products, culture and community that call Texas home. Every alGeepa product will proudly feature the GoTexan® seal as a reflection of its Texas roots and commitment to the Texas economy.

The complete alGeepa supplement line includes four products:

Omega- 3 Complex combines Almega-PL® EPA with the highest quality algal-sourced DHA. This powerful combination provides 250mg EPA + DHA in a single softgel (comparable to taking two to four times that amount of fish oil). Primary benefits include:

  • Healthy omega-3 balance
  • Supports Heart Health, Brain Health and Healthy Immune Function

Advanced Cardio Health contains a proprietary vegan blend of Almega-PL® EPA and the powerful antioxidant Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10). This formula supports:

  • Healthy HDL and LDL cholesterol ratios
  • Healthy blood triglyceride levels
  • A strong heartbeat and healthy muscle function
  • Cellular energy

Fast Acting Joint Health is a best-in-class dietary supplement. This unique formula combines Almega-PL® EPA, vegetarian glucosamine and Univestin® in a proprietary blend of botanical ingredients that together deliver:

  • Fast-acting joint comfort
  • Mobility and motor function support
  • Noticeable benefits in as little as one week

Ultimate Eye Health is a specially formulated vegan blend of marigold-sourced lutein, algae sourced omega-3’s DHA and EPA, nutrients found in the eye but that deplete with aging. This formula supports:

  • Visual function and performance
  • Blue light filtration (glare reduction)
  • Central vision
  • Night / low light vision


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