Qualitas Health introduces alGeepa, brings sustainable omega-3s to Texans exclusively at H-E-B

[USA] Qualitas Health, the Texas-based company revolutionizing nutrition products by unleashing the power of algae, announced today a partnership with Texas retailer H-E-B. On March 28, 2017, H-E-B will begin exclusively selling the premium omega-3 supplement line, alGeepa, in stores throughout Texas. More about alGeepa here: www.algeepa.com.

“Qualitas is working to transform the category of omega-3s, and this partnership with H-E-B is an important step in our journey to providing consumers everywhere with high quality, vegan, sustainably-grown nutritional products,” said Miguel Calatayud, who joined Qualitas Health in March 2016 as CEO. “Most people don’t know that fish and krill get their omega-3s from algae. At Qualitas, we go directly to the source for ‘the original omega-3s.’ We provide consumers with omega-3s that are fully vegetarian, highly bioavailable, and grown in a 100% sustainable process.”

CEO, Miguel Calatayud.

Added Corinna Bellizzi, VP of Global Sales for Qualitas Health: “We couldn’t be happier to have H-E-B as our exclusive retailer as we disrupt the omega-3 category with a vegan alternative that’s proudly Texas Grown, with a GoTexan® seal on every alGeepa product. Go Texan®, an effort of the Texas Department of Agriculture, promotes the products, culture and community that call Texas home – a perfect fit for both H-E-B and Qualitas Health.” [more at: http://www.gotexan.org/]

The source of alGeepa’s nutritional power comes from its core ingredient, Almega PL®. Almega PL® is a 100% vegan, algae-based ingredient that is specifically designed to help the body absorb omega-3s faster and more completely than ever before. Omega-3s are a key part of a healthy diet, leading to improved cardiovascular function, nervous system function and immunity.

Although the benefits of omega-3s are well known, many people don’t realize that fish and krill actually get their omega-3s from algae. Algae – the foundation of Qualitas Health’s best-in-class products – is a super-crop packed with nutrients like protein, omega-3s and omega-7s, capable of flourishing in arid environments and utilizing readily available inputs like salt water and CO2 to grow. Until recently, the nutritional promise of algae remained unrealized, as it proved too expensive to farm in substantial quantities. Qualitas has created the first global algae-based products platform to deliver vegan, highly bioavailable nutritional products with full traceability.

Since taking the lead as CEO last year, Calatayud has built a team of veteran executives from the food and nutrition industry as well as algae cultivation experts to guide Qualitas through its upcoming product launches and production growth. The revamped executive team includes VP of Global Sales Corinna Bellizzi, omega-3 industry veteran responsible for Nordic Naturals’ rapid growth; VP of Algae Production Operations Dr. Rebecca White, internationally recognized algae expert and former director of cultivation at Sapphire Energy; CFO Javier Rivera, 19-year finance veteran in publicly traded companies; and VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs Subhash Share, experienced leader of diverse teams at bio/pharmaceutical companies including Hospira and Abbot Labs.


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