Smart microalgae at the Danish IP fair

[Denmark] Yumiko Sakuragi from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences will present a new idea at the Danish IP fair this May. The invention is about using microalgae in the production of bioethanol.

Smart microalgae

On May 9 Yumiko Sakuragi from CPSC will participate in the Danish IP fair in Industriens Hus, Copenhagen. Sakuragi will present her invention on how smart microalgae that can enhance bioethanol production from plants. The idea feeds in to the global challenge of depleting fossil resources and climate change. Biotechnological approaches such as smart microalgae will be part of the solution for developing and processing biomass in the transition to a more sustainable energy supply.

Cell walls and photosynthesis

Yumiko Sakuragi’s research group at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen works with cell walls. The group is interested in understanding both the mechanisms of glycoconjugant synthesis and the biological functions of the glycoconjugants in photosynthetic organisms, including plant and cyanobacteria.

Sakuragi has recently received a grant from the VILLUM Foundation together with Poul Erik Jensen, head of CPSC, to explore how to improve photosynthesis by designing and exploring novel electron transfer pathways.

The Danish IP fair

At the Danish IP fair, inventions, IP and technologies from a row of Danish Universities and University hospitals will be presented. Participants at the fair will be companies, investors, entrepreneurial researchers and university business developers on the lookout for new inventions.


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