Leroy Seafood to raise Norwegian salmon on feed made with algae

[Norway] The collaboration between the two companies is an important step in building a more responsible and sustainable aquaculture ecosystem.

The Norwegian seafood exporter Leroy Seafood will start producing healthy salmon products next month by reducing the use of marine fish meal, which has become very scarce. BioMar will provide a type of high level omega-3 DHA derived from microalgae as the feed ingredient.

Starting from next month, salmon over 1 kg will be fed with a diet formulated with microalgae, a sustainable algae ingredient, rich in omega-3 that was developed by TerraVia in conjunction with Bunge.

“In the future we know that there will be a shortage of fish oil and we will have to find new alternatives as an ingredient in the diet if we are to produce salmon with high level of healthy omega-3. Microalgae is the new alternative.” said Henning Beltstad, CEO of Leroy Seafood Group.

BioMar as a sole feed supplier for fish has developed a wide range of feed solutions for Leroy.

We understand that all consumers in the world are concerned about the sustainability and the nutritional quality of our salmon.

“BioMar has been actively searching for new opportunities and sustainable feed ingredients. We need new ingredients to meet the demand for healthy and sustainable marine food. We believe it is important to be responsible for developing an increasingly sustainable aquaculture.” Henning Beltstad explained.

BioMar is a leader in producing fish feed ingredient. More than 40,000 tons of algae rich feed ingredient have been supplied to the market since September 2016. Leroy is one of the largest customer.

The joint venture of Terra Via and Bunge – as suppliers of high-algae micro-omega-3 to the aquaculture industry – has demonstrated by the close collaboration between BioMar and Leroy as a valuable aquaculture innovation.

Leroy and BioMar have worked closely with us throughout the Alga Prime DHA marketing process, ensuring that we are delivering a cost-effective and sustainable product to meet the challenges of the salmon industry.

“We can now create significant results for consumer health by introducing our core competencies and at the same time expanding the available options for omega-3 oils for aquaculture.” said Graham Ellis, Senior vice president of Business Development for TerraVia.

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