Seaweed extracts as plant fertilizer

[UK] Fertilisers and biostimulants are receiving a lot of attention right now. Growers have long understood that the right nutrition can produce healthier crops, which are then more likely to deliver the high quality and longevity that retailers and consumers demand and, importantly, boost the plant’s immune system so it better copes with the challenges of disease. With an urgent need to reduce reliance on agrochemicals, growers are now looking at new ways of managing crop inputs.

Well known for its seaweed extracts, Maxicrop has developed a new product for 2017. Xtra-Fol is a liquid fertiliser containing 8-8-7+S, chelated trace elements and Maxicrop seaweed extracts. Although aimed mainly at the edibles market, it also has potential for ornamental production.

Maxicrop commercial sales manager Mike Garner explains: “This general-purpose feed, plus the biostimulant effect of our seaweed extract, makes Xtra-Fol suitable for use on a wide range of ornamental plants, helping to produce strong, healthy plants with visual appeal.”

Other nutritional products offered by the company include Maxicrop Plus Sequestered Iron, where the seaweed extract base has 2% sequestered iron to help prevent or alleviate symptoms of iron deficiency in a wide range of plants. “The combination of readily available iron plus seaweed extract helps to produce dark-green foliage and strong, healthy plants,” says Garner. “It is particularly suitable for ericaceous plants that are prone to iron deficiency and is usually applied as a foliar spray as required during the growing season.”

Maxicrop Plus Tomato Fertiliser has seaweed extract plus high-potash fertiliser 5.1-5.1-6.7 for feeding tomatoes and all flowering plants, tubs and baskets. Maxicrop Original, approved by the Soil Association, is pure seaweed extract and has many benefits such as stimulating beneficial soil microbes, aiding root growth and establishment, and helping plants cope with environmental stress.

Specially formulated

Building on the success of Chase SM3 Seaweed Extract and the addition last year of Chase SM4 Seaweed Plus Feed, Chase Organics has now launched Chase SM5. This latest release is another liquid seaweed-based (Ascophyllum nodosum) feed specially formulated to increase the yield and quality of tomatoes and fruit.

SM5 is organic and animal-free, and can be used as part of the Chase three-step organic plant nutrition programme. Combining professional-grade seaweed extract and 100% plant- and mineral-based nutrients, it is designed to promote healthy growth and increased yields in all fruiting crops, especially tomatoes, strawberries, sweet peppers, aubergines and cucumbers, but it is also recommended for use on decorative plants to promote stronger and longer flowering with richer, more intense colours.

Chase SM3 is a pure seaweed extract plant biostimulant for all plant types and is intended for little-and-often use throughout the growing season. Chase SM4 is seaweed extract + 5-2-5 + Ca + Mg + trace elements and is formulated for vegetative growth, promoting healthy, balanced stem and leaf growth as well as a bigger root area.

“Combined with Chase SM4 and SM3, our new Chase SM5 is the third and final step towards naturally bigger, better crops,” says Chase Organics extract sales manager Bernard Courtney. “Seaweed is well-known for its use in horticulture and gardens as a powerful biostimulant. The result is healthier plants that make efficient use of nutrients and have increased resistance to stress conditions, such as drought and marginal frosts, leading to improved crop yield and quality.”

Chase SM3 and SM5 are available in five litres and SM4 in 20 litres. All are Soil Association Approved.


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