Smooth processing for seaweed harvester

[Canada] For one Canadian plant that processes hard-to-handle seaweed into agricultural fertiliser products, a successful trial of a NETZSCH progressing cavity pump led to a new installation.

The processor contacted NETZSCH because it was looking for better way to convey de-watered Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed extract from a centrifuge to packaging areas in the plant.

After the seaweed extract is de-watered, the remaining seaweed extract is very viscous. The extract has a high PH value and is around 90 degrees Celsius so it needs to be handled very carefully.

NETZSCH already had a NEMO progressive cavity pump at the plant used for feeding a centrifuge, so the customer asked the firm to provide a custom solution for the conveyor.

During a pump trial at the processing plant, a NEMO BF pump was used to serve two packaging areas which increased production efficiency.

The NEMO BF pump selected for this application is used in all branches of industry to provide continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance with dosing in proportion to rotational speed.

It is employed primarily for highly viscous, compacted and crumbly substances that do not have a tendency to bridge.

The NEMO pump selected features an open hopper design in stainless steel construction with special feed screw and a stainless steel rotor. Its closed system eliminates production odours.

With the NETZSCH pump, the customer is now able to cleanly and efficiently move the product through the plant to a number of different packaging areas.


Photo: NETZSCH has a smart pump solution to convey de-watered Ascophyllum Nodosum

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