AIM 2017 Readers Poll Winners

[USA] The Algae Industry Magazine of the USA recently announced the 2017 readers poll winners. Algae World News would like to congratulate all the winners.

Winners in the category of:

Algae ambassador

  • GOLD: ABO Technical Standards Committee, Lieve Laurens, Chair
  • SILVER: Vítor Verdelho Vieira, President, European Algae Biomass Association
  • BRONZE: Valerie Harmon, Harmon Consulting

Save our world application

  • GOLD: Algae kill cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed, Stephen Mayfield’s lab
  • SILVER: Ecoponex, sustainable closed-loop food and energy production system, Benjamin Brant.
  • BRONZE: Carbon capture and reuse from power plants, Global Algae Innovations, David Hazlebeck

Political event or action that impacted our industry

  • GOLD: Algae Biomass Summit 2017
  • SILVER: 17 Congressional Republicans vow to fight for climate change
  • BRONZE: Green bonds available for clean-tech algae projects

Culinary innovation, chef, recipe, or restaurant

  •  GOLD: Thrive® Culinary Algae Oil
  • SILVER: Nobuo at Teeter House, Phoenix, Arizona
  • BRONZE: Bluefin, Newport Beach, California

Algae photograph, art, or video

  • GOLD: Stunning kaleidoscopic arrangements of diatoms, Klaus Kemp
  • SILVER (tie):
    An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed, Josie Iselin and Algae in Bloom, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Algae educational institution

  • GOLD: Arizona State University / AzCATI
  • SILVER: Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
  • BRONZE: University of California, San Diego

Scientist or researcher

  • GOLD: Thomas Dempster, ASU AzCATI
  • SILVER: Lieve Laurens, NREL
  • BRONZE: Tryg Lundquist, Cal Poly State University

Algae laboratory

  • GOLD: Arizona State University, AzCATI
  • SILVER: Perpetual Biotechnologies, Constantinos Avgoustou, Renewable Cleantech
  • BRONZE: Santa Fe Community College

Algae business

  • GOLD: Algae.Tec
  • SILVER: Heliae
  • BRONZE: Cellana

Algae cultivation facility

  • GOLD: Santa Fe Community College Biofuels Lab
  • SILVER: RAFT, University of Arizona
  • BRONZE: Algae.Tec

Algae microfarm – small cultivation facility

  • GOLD: Apogee Spirulina, Santa Fe, NM
  • SILVER: Smart Microfarms, Half Moon Bay, CA, Robert Henrikson
  • BRONZE: Agcore Technologies, Cranston, Rhode Island

Health, nutrition, or medicine

  • GOLD: TerraVia, South San Francisco, California
  • SILVER: Spiralps, Swiss made spirulina drink with organic fruit and Alpine herbs
  • BRONZE: Heliae, Gilbert Arizona

Food, feed, and nutrients

  • GOLD: TerraVia, South San Francisco, California
  • SILVER: Ecoponex, Benjamin Brant
  • BRONZE: Innovative Organic Solutions, Intl, Calvin Hildebrant

Environmental solution

  • GOLD: MicroBio Engineering and Tryg Lundquist
  • SILVER: Global Algae Innovations, David Hazlebeck
  • BRONZE: Atmospheric CO2 capture and membrane delivery, Bruce Rittmann, ASU

Technology breakthrough

  • GOLD: Diversified Technologies, Inc.
  • SILVER: Porelogix Ultrafiltration Systems
  • BRONZE: Perpetual Biotechnologies

Laboratory equipment

  • GOLD: Membrane for concentrated CO2 delivery to cultures, Bruce Rittmann (and Klaus Lackner), ASU
  • SILVER: Algae Lab Systems, Wireless monitoring, Christopher Lee
  • BRONZE: Fluid Imaging Technologies, Flowcam

Cultivation equipment

  • GOLD: MicroBio Engineering
  • SILVER: Perpetual Biotechnologies, Modular Algae Reactor
  • BRONZE: Algae Lab Systems, Algae Lab 250

Harvesting equipment

  • GOLD: Porelogix Ultrafiltration Systems
  • SILVER: Evodos Spiral Plate Technology
  • BRONZE: Pall Corporation, Pre-concentration units

Keep up the good work and service for the algae industry.


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