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[EU] The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA), an association representing both research and industry in the field of algal technologies for the algae industry in European countries, announced the partnership with Algae World News (AWN

The main objective of the collaboration is to promote the growth of algae industry in Europe and to gain public awareness on the importance of algae in all discipline.

In order to increase the publicity of the European algae industry, starting from May 1st, 2017, EABA members will enjoy the following benefits provided by AWN:

  1. AWN standard discount: AWN provides a 10% discount for all EABA members who subscribe to AWN advertising service during this contract term. For more information about AWN advertising service, please visit:
  2. AWN special discount: AWN provides a 50% discount for EABA members who fulfil one of the following:
    a. New EABA members who just joined EABA for less than 1 year.
    b. Existing EABA members who are new start ups (company incorporated for less than 3 years).
    c. Existing EABA member in which company has less than 10 employees.
    d. Company revenue is less than EUD 100,000 per year.
  3. Free publication of one promotional article for each of the EABA members.

Algae World News attracts more than 330,000 visitors last year.

More than 100 algae companies, research institutions, and algae related industry around the world have become member of EABA.

The join forces of both EABA and AWN will definitely generate significant positive outcomes for the growth of the algae industry.

If you are interested in joining EABA, please visit:

For more information, please contact:

Algae World News: [email protected] (Kian Wee Tian)

European Algae Biomass Association: [email protected] (Vitor Verdelho Vieira)


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