China’s 2nd Algae Industry Summit

[China] Organized by the China Algae Industry Association (CAIA), the 2nd China’s Algae Industry Summit was successfully held at the Guangxi University for Nationalities (GUN) on the 10-12th of May, 2017.

The Summit was jointly organized by the CAIA, GUN, Qinzhou University, and the Guangxi Teachers Education University.

The topics discussed in this summit focused on the promotion of algae products, branding, industrialization, transformation, and cultural exchange. The potential applications of algae in the field of CO2 fixation and environmental health were also discussed.

Speakers of the Summit included Professor Yu-Zao Qi, Ding-Ji Shi, Li-Rong Song, Jian-Guo Liu, and Yong-Ding Liu. The summit attracted more than 200 participants came from various background to take part in the discussion.

Since China’s first commercial algae (Spirulina) farm started operation in year 1990, there were more than 130 farms around China during the late 1990s. Currently there are only 40++ commercial Spirulina farms left, with over 20++ Haematococcus pluvialis farms rises recently, that makes about over 60 microalgae farmers in China at the moment.


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