Introducing the European Algae Biomass Association

[EU, Global] The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) was established in Florence in June 2009 being therefore a young
organization. EABA plays an important role in connecting academia and industries and starting to show a joint and organized position in the sector.

Since 2009, algae biofuels is the major trigger for the development of algal technologies all over the world. EABA has been managing the trend with a relevant tool.

The application of algae and its extracts for food and feed is also an important application which allows the advancement of algae biomass biorefineries. With the support from the European Commission, EABA establishes a comparative methodology that enables different algae projects to benchmark their results and focus on the key problems in a systematic process.

EABA members consists of those who are involved in both seaweed (macroalgae) and microalgae industries. The objective of EABA is to promote mutual cooperation of algae industry with biofuels and all other relevant industries.

EABA also act as a bridge between its members and defending their interests among European countries to maintain international competitiveness. EABA  catalyses and fosters synergies among scientists and business decision makers in order to promote the development of research, technology and industrial capacities in the
field of algae.

EABA invites you to join the EABA algae family in Europe and become part of the ecosytem to enjoy the member benefits. For more information about the EABA, please visit


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