The algae superfood battling osteoporosis

[Canada] AlgaeCal has been featured on PBS, Fox News and the Dr. Oz show, with roots in Vancouver, BC. AlgaeCal is founded on a belief in the power of nature and the accuracy of science. It is the first company to popularize a plant — algae — as a calcium source in a world of limestone calcium supplements.

Its recently developed Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil product is touted as revolutionary in the ongoing battle against osteoporosis.

AlgaeCal’s Philip Wong discusses Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil with Patch in depth and how the company supports students’ pursuit of health-related critical thinking.

Patch: What’s your mission at AlgaelCal?

Wong: Our mission here at AlgaeCal is to reach those who have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis and help them increase their bone density naturally so they can return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Patch: Tell us about AlgaeCal Plus and its development. What are the benefits?

Wong: After age 40, we lose an average of 1 percent of bone per year. So, if we live long enough, everyone ends up with osteoporosis. Since calcium is the major mineral in bones, the typical remedy is to take calcium supplements. But bones are composed of much more than calcium. Bone actually contains 73 minerals, including magnesium, zinc, boron, strontium and more. So, supplementing with calcium alone didn’t make sense to us.

We developed AlgaeCal Plus as the world’s first complete, multi-nutrient approach to bone health. AlgaeCal Plus is sourced from a marine algae called lithothamnion superpositum. In addition to plant-based calcium, it contains all the other minerals found in human bone. These nutrients are in their proper proportions for your bones — the way nature intended. It is sustainably hand-harvested, sun-dried and then milled into a powder form. So, AlgaeCal is a whole food, but it is so concentrated that a full dose fits nicely into four capsules per day. Oh — and we added vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (Mk-7), plus some extra magnesium and boron.

AlgaeCal powder is the sole USDA organic calcium source in the world. More importantly, it is the only calcium supplement clinically proven to increase bone density in adults — at any age. When taken with Strontium Boost (our natural strontium citrate supplement), we guarantee you will see an increase in your bone density in as little as six months!

Patch: AlgaeCal prides itself on guaranteed results. How does the company accomplish this?

Wong: Instead of gaging one’s health by “feeling good,” we guarantee results with measurable, third-party testing. Customers can do so by getting a baseline DXA scan (the gold standard in bone mineral density testing), then taking AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost accordingly. AlgaeCal guarantees customers will see increased bone density in every follow-up scan while you’re using these products or we will refund every penny you paid for our products between your scans up to seven years.

AlgaeCal is clinically supported by three published human clinical trials and by real people, with real results. See our success stories of customers who have taken AlgaeCal and measured their bone mineral density with before-and-after DXA scans.

Patch: Tell us about the man behind the plan, Dean Neuls.

Wong: Dean is AlgaeCal’s founder and CEO. He’s a health enthusiast, outdoorsman and has been an avid bone health researcher for over 12 years.

While Dean doesn’t have osteoporosis himself, he does suffer from osteoarthritis in both hips and can relate to the debilitating effects that result with bone and joint issues. With that in mind, he’s passionate about empowering people to make informed and educated decisions about their health. He believes in trying every safe, natural approach before resorting to higher risk pharmaceuticals. He challenges the team to think critically about this and create content that will provide our readers with the science based information they need and are searching for.

Patch: What is the AlgaeCal story? How has the company transformed since its inception?

Wong: AlgaeCal has been around since 2006 and is a Canadian company based out of Vancouver, BC. We have been steadily growing as more health experts, industry professionals and people via word of mouth are searching for natural bone health solutions. We have been featured on the Dr. Oz show, PBS, Fox News and other media outlets to name a few.

Our flagship product is AlgaeCal Plus, but over the years, we have formulated new additional products to support bone health. The latest is our revolutionary Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil product, which contains clinical doses of omega 3s and arguably two of the world’s most potent antioxidants, astaxanthin and turmeric curcumin. Since the root cause of osteoporosis is inflammation, our new fish is well received.

One thing has always remained the same: the belief in creating the most effective bone health supporting products on the planet and educating as many people as possible to reclaim their bone density naturally.

Patch: Tell us about the AlgaeCal team.

Wong: Our strength is our diversity. The team is made up of holistic nutritionists, elite athletes, accredited health professionals and everything in between. This dynamic makes for a fun, positive environment, not only in the office but for our customers as they receive quality, informed bone health advice.

Most of all, we are tight-knit team that cares! We value our readers, customers, fellow team members and nature.

Patch: What other resources, education or material does AlgaeCal offer to customers?

Wong: The expert insights section on our website is a resource of credible, up-to-date information on everything bone and health-related. From fracture prevention exercises to bone-healthy recipes, our thoroughly researched articles — from top experts — will provide readers with actionable tips on how to strengthen their bones naturally.

Patch: AlgaeCal proclaims itself as a leader. How is this notion upheld?

Wong: AlgaeCal is always looking to go above and beyond industry standards. We were the first company to popularize a plant as a calcium source in a world of limestone calcium supplements. We are the only calcium supplement clinically proven to increase bone density, which has now been shown in three human clinical trials, all of which have been published in prominent and peer-reviewed journals. And we guarantee our customer’s success with our products. No doctor, no program and no other treatment accepts full responsibility for people’s success, to our knowledge.

Patch: Tell us about the AlgaeCal Scholarship Program.

Wong: The AlgaeCal Health Scholarship is about providing students with an opportunity to think critically about the current health landscape in our society today — what recommendations would they make to effect positive change for the wellbeing of their peers, their community or even at the government level.

Patch: What’s next for AlgaeCal? What is the outlook for the future of the company?

Wong: We want to continue to reach more people. And we want to spread awareness to younger generations and place an emphasis on prevention, too. The majority of people who have osteoporosis discover they have it after they’ve fractured a bone. We want to change that.

Patch: How can Patch readers learn more about the AlgaeCal vision?

Wong: Patch readers can visit the AlgaeCal website to learn more about our vision or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and news!


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