Algoid Technologies launches Alginique™ cosmetic line

[USA] Algoid Technologies, a certified Florida aquaculture company is pleased to announce the launch of their new line of organic cosmetics made from marine and freshwater phytoplankton. The first beauty product in the Alginique™ range, Morning Rose Facial Elixir, is 100% organic, consisting of all natural products, primarily phytoplankton extracts and carefully selected essential plant oils that repair and rejuvenate damaged skin, giving a youthful, radiant complexion.

Phytoplankton are tiny microalgal cells that are rapidly gaining traction in the beauty industry due to their anti-aging properties. They are rich in oils and minerals which have been shown to have powerful anti-oxidant properties that help combat the effects of aging by fighting free radicals and repairing ultraviolet skin damage.

To ensure the quality of the ingredients is of the highest standard and not compromised in any way, Algoid Technologies grows their own plankton using organic cultivation methods. For example, only distilled/deionized water and top quality (food grade) fertilizers are used to prevent impurities from being inadvertently added to the culture. Live cultures are harvested and freeze-dried to ensure the plankton retain all the important properties essential for skin health and that these are not lost during processing. All other ingredients used in the formulation of Alginique™ cosmetic products are certified USDA organic.

CEO, Ilya Epshteyn is really excited about the launch. “We have been providing microalgae to the beauty industry for some time now, and wanted to formulate our own 100% organic beauty range made from the best selection of natural ingredients. Releasing the Alginique™ brand is a major milestone for the company.”

Algoid Technologies, a division of Faremax, Inc., is a leading microalgae producer, supplying the aquaculture, pet, biofuel and beauty industries with top quality microalgae and microalgae products. For more information on Algoid Technologies microalgae products, including microalgae beauty products, the Alginique™ beauty range, and Morning Rose Facial Elixir, visit website:


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