Boost your beauty with superfood seaweed

[Global] Marine plants and extracts such as kelp and algae can revitalise your skin, hair and overall health, as seaweed is packed with an unusually high concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants which will help tackle problem skin, hair loss or lack energy.

Brown algae complex is a very potent, concentrated antioxidant used in facial serums, eye creams, night creams, while sea kelp promotes skin renewal, hydration and soothes sensitive skin.

Starskin co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen explains to Cover Media: “Kelp has long been a staple in many Asian cuisines and the benefits of kelp go way beyond the table; it is taken as a health supplement, and kelp (or seaweed) body wraps are being offered at many luxury spas as a premium skin softening treatment.”

Using kelp on your skin can do wonders for your complexion, which is under daily attack from pollutants and toxins.

“Kelp itself helps to remove toxins or heavy metals in your body and together with a host of powerful marine ingredients The Master Cleanser Mask and Foam Cleanser nourishes the skin with a whole load of skin benefiting minerals, fermented marine ingredients, amino acids and vitamins,” she added.

Read on to find out how the humble sea leaf can amp up your beauty routine.


Cult brand Starskin’s new range of face masks and foam cleansers harness the ocean’s natural extracts to nourish skin and remove impurities. The Master Cleanser Mask is cut from real sea kelp leaves that are hand-harvested in South Western Korea, before being soaked in a hydrating essence filled with over 90 per cent organic plant extract. And The Master Cleansing Foam is a rich and creamy sulphate free cleanser that’s perfect for refuelling the complexion after a heavy weekend of parties and lack of sleep.

For anti-ageing protection, Skin Design London’s luxurious Retexturising Serum contains sea algae extract, naturally derived marine algae, amino acids and polyphenols plus GABA (gamma amino butryric acid) to encourage skin rejuvenation and renewal.


When seaweed is used in hair products it acts as a fortifying protein boost for your locks. Noughty’s Wave Hello Shampoo and Conditioner contain vitamin-rich Sea Kelp, Irish moss and a drizzle of avocado oil to keep curls defined, silky soft and frizz free. Seaweed also helps to promote scalp hydration, which improves the condition of dry hair, and can lead to thicker hair. Bumble & Bumble Seaweed Mild Marine Shampoo + Conditioner and Voya Silky By Nature Organic Shampoo and Forget Me Knot Organic Conditioner are also both packed with nutrient dense marine extracts for healthier, hydrated hair.


If you need some help getting washboards abs, brown seaweed extract, which is proven to have slimming properties, is used in Dr.Ceuticals Tummy Tone, a gel that is clinically proven to tighten and firm stubborn areas in just a few weeks when combined with a targeted exercise regime.

Drink it

Seaweed is exceptionally rich in iodine, which many women are deficient in. Deficiency can cause low energy, weight gain, and depression among other symptoms. Chris James Mind and Body’s Organic Gorgeous Greens supplement contains a host of botanical superfood ingredients including; organic wheatgrass, alfalfa, kale, in addition to organic seaweed, chlorella and spirulina which together help to strengthen the immune system, and restore pH balance. Just add a sachet to your daily green juice or smoothie and start reaping the benefits.


Photo: If your experience of seaweed is limited to sushi or the plant that tickles your leg when you’re swimming in the sea, it’s time to expand your knowledge of the slippery green stuff.

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