Open raceway pond, plastic bags or glass tube Photobioreactor (PBR)?

[Global] The best algae production process for maximum efficiency and economy. A glass PBR for algae cultivation can be configured in  a variety of ways in order to achieve a high level of efficiency. These customizations do not necessarily mean increased costs.

On the contrary: several parameters can be optimized when using high end glass PBRs, leading to reduced TCO (total cost of ownership). This is achieved by applying innovative design concepts on the one hand , combined with high quality components during installation of the PBR. The significantly higher effeciency of a high end PBR is noticeable in every phase of a PBR´s life cycle.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Highest productivity per unit area. What is the optimum basis for planning production quantity and product quality? These factors are decisive for efficient and practical operation of an algae production facility.

Open raceway pond, plastic bags and glass tube PBR are the most widely used processes for the production of algae. Is an open or closed system better for production? At the beginning, this is usually the most frequent question. If the Open Raceway Pond process is eliminated as an open production process, the typical alternatives to use are either the Plastic Bags or the Glass Tube PBR system.

Schott’s E-book serves as an aid in deciding for or against a certain production method. We compare the three procedures and provide information on what to look for when deciding for or against a production process. This guideline does not focus primarily on the technical properties of these methods but the specific focal point of comparing the procedures in terms of their economic aspects.

The e-Book also allows you to learn how to increase your output while at the same time lowering your costs:

- Conceptualization: what role does the architectural design play in the economics of a PBR.
- Procurement: how does the selection of the right PBR components influence the costs and productivity of the reactor
- Commissioning: what influence do PBR components have on the effort required to launch a reactor production
- Operations: how can the choice of PBR components during operations lead to a significantly increase in productivity

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