Czech’s astaxanthin producer Algamo utilizes Subitec’s FPA photobioreactors

[Czech Republic, Germany] Subitec designed, planned and installed the industrial production plant for Algamo s.r.o., a producer of astaxanthin. The indoor facility incorporates Subitec FPA180L production reactors combined to lines and modules with a total production volume of 130 000 liters.

The company specializes in algae cultivation and subsequent active substances extraction. These active substances are used in cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry and in dietary supplements production.

The production plant is based in the “Krkonoše” mountains foothills in the Czech Republic, approximately 130 km northeast of Prague.

Algamo’s facility is located in close neighborhood to the biomass power plant – MOSTEK energo, which serves as the only source of electric power and heat.

Thanks to this fact, Algamo is assured to be all sustainable energy project. In the proximity of both projects, the own water source is located, which is accessible only by the Algamo project.


Exclusively reported by Algae World News





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