Sander: LGem at the Astana World Expo 2017

[Kazakhstan, Global] An opportunity to say thank you! to all our partners without whom this fantastic project would not have come to a success.

When we arrived on the 13th of Mai we couldn’t believe the amount of work that still needed to be done in less than a months time. To be honest we didn’t think that everything could be finished in time. The surrounding area looked more like the surface of the moon then a World Expo site.

Starting our work

First day after climbing 250 steps -fully geared- we found our work space on the 4th floor in the Sphere. There all the items that we shipped from the Netherlands were ready and waiting for us (Thank you Erik Awater from BTG Expo GmbH). The magnificent team of ADUNIC (Thank you team! and most of all Christian and Alvine; already prepared everything for us so that we could start immediately.

Neatly boxed we found all the glass pipes, standard bends and couplings from Schott (Thank you Kerstin! at and of course the special glass-parts with the “impossible” long 60 degree bends by VBGL (Thank you Marko, Michael at Because there was a lot going on at the same time around us, it became a daunting task to make fast progress. Due to the “cool and collective” attitude of our Frysian installer Jan Kingma & Son we where able to get things going.(Thank you Jan en Daniel from

In the first two day we were able to finish all the underground piping and connections so that we could start installing the glass pipes.

Finally the beauty of the design by the architect Marco Poletto became apparent (Thank you Marco from After installing the pipes, the PMMA tanks were installed. These have proven to be the most difficult part of the whole installation. Luckily we found two companies that were able to produce them for us (in time!!). (thank you! Jan Vos from ERIKS kunststoffen Ede and Alex and Raphael from The tanks now form a proud centerpiece showcasing the best membrane valves in the world from our long time friends at Georg Fischer (Thank you team Epe, Dautphetal and Nabil El Barbari for working with us for such a long time

After 10 days we finished our work and as we know by now the World Expo in Astana is open for the public. They really proved us wrong, they could finish in time! And how; what a wonderful job! Thumbs up to Kazachstan. Last Friday we have seen a spectacular opening ceremony, the whole terrain and all the buildings looked fantastic. I believe that it is a wonderful place to visit!

Now I would like to share some pictures of the finished five systems. We hope that you like them.

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Exclusively reported by Algae World News (Contributed by Sander Hazewinkel)





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