Japanese beauty brand features a power-duo of ingredients: Morenga and red algae

[Japan] A collection of hair care products including a shampoo, conditioner, double serum and mask that aims to hydrate and nourish hair — as well as fight “urban aggressors.”

The lineup of products from the Japanese beauty brand features a power-duo of ingredients: Morenga extract and red algae.

The Morenga Extract works to hydrate and purify hair with “highly concentrated” nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, so strand-boosting ingredients go straight to where they’re needed.

The red algae reportedly “heals and protects” strands, according to a news release, by fighting free radicals and the damaging process of oxidation. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the micro-algae also purportedly stimulates the natural cell regeneration process.

What we say: Our hair could always use a little extra help — especially during the sun (and surf!)-soaked days of summer.

This comprehensive collection covers over the main summer tress traumas we all likely experience: dryness, flyaways and an overall dullness.

Our tester, who battles with frizz-prone curly hair, was impressed with the instant dose of moisture these products gave hair. Post-use, and after styling as normal, she reported her hair felt soft and sleek, without being weighed down with residue.

The double-serum spray, which we tried as both a leave-in tonic and a shine enhancer after styling, is a surprising addition to the lineup. Just a few spritzes on damp hair allowed the comb to slide through locks (see you later, tangles), while it added a subtle shine and manageability to strands when spritzed on hair post-hot tools.

Overall, if you’re looking to give your hair a pick-me-up at home to battle back against seasonal dryness and damage, this collection should be a perfect fit.

Where to get it: shuuemura.ca; Hudson’s Bay

What it will cost you: $46 to $66


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