Researchers in SOA university engaged in production of low cost biofuels

[India] With the global biofuel market growing rapidly due to its increased use in the transportation sector, researchers at the SOA University are engaged in finding a way to produce low cost bio-fuels from biotic components or biological processes pursuing eco-friendly methods.

“The increase in crude oil prices and the use of such fuel contributing to emission of greenhouse gases has been a concern for civil societies and environmentalists, but bio-fuel as renewable energy has the potential to conquer such concerns,” said Prof Lala Behari Sukla, Director of the Bio-fuels and Bio-processing Research Center (BBRC) run by the university.

Biofuels research encompasses production of bio-ethanol, bio diesel, syngas, biogas, natural gas and other bio-energy, he said while pointing out that the value of global bio-fuels market was put at 171 million dollars in 2016 which was expected to reach 249 million dollars by 2024 growing at an annual rate of 4.9 per cent.

The BBRC, which has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members, boasts of state-of- the-art facilities in advanced biofuels processing and aims at undertaking extensive research for low cost production of biofuels, he said.

“The work being undertaken at BBRC includes selection of suitable species for biodiesel production, optimization and amendment of nutrient media for low cost biomass production, microalgae cultivation in bubble column, strain improvement to increase the lipid yield in microalgae and harvesting of algae using low cost chemicals, optimization of development of lipid extraction and transesterification,” Dr Sukla said.

Besides, analysis of biofuel properties, studies on oxidation stability of microalgae biodiesel and efficiency test in combustion engines are also being taken up by the researchers, he said, adding the Center had already edited a research book with Springer Nature and published ten papers in highly reputed journals of Wiley, Elseviers and Springer while contributing to eight book chapters during the past one year.UNI BD DP RN 1822


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