Homemade sushi bowls bring variety to the table

[USA] Neay Fischer makes food look beautiful and she knows not everyone has the same tastes, which is why she suggests putting out a big spread so everyone can make their own personalized sushi bowls.

“I love being able to put it in a bowl and eat sushi like a salad,” said Fischer.

Sushi actually means “with rice,” but Fischer, who’s known as “The Flexible Chef,” says you can have a variety of choices beyond the traditional.

Think cauliflower rice, finely chopped kale, salad greens or brown rice to start your bowl. Then it’s time for protein. While that usually means raw fish, there are lots of other options.

“I have four kids and there’s no way they’re going to eat raw fish in a salad. We have a cooked salmon, we have eggplant, we have raw sushi-grade tuna and a poke,” said Fischer.

The eggplant is diced, mixed with miso and spices then baked, but Fischer says mushrooms or tofu work if you are a veggie lover. Or add edamame, nuts and seeds to up your protein quotient.

Finally it’s time for toppings — and the more the better. “Crispy seaweed, micro greens, sweet Maui onions, seaweed, macadamia nuts, spiced chick peas,” suggested Fischer.

Don’t forget seeds and nuts plus spices like sea salt, crushed red pepper, dried crispy onions and seaweed.

“I think the secret to a salad bowl, a sushi salad bowl, is an amazing dressing,” said Fischer.

Her favorite is a creamy and spicy Sriracha sauce blended with mayo and avocado.

The beauty of all this? No arguing. You’ve got plenty of vegetables, plenty of gluten free options and plenty of protein so everyone at home can fix what they want.

It’s also a great time to introduce new items that will build a bowl with beautiful flavors without forcing it on your kids.


  • Creamy Sriracha dressing
  • Carrot Miso Ginger Dressing
  • In a lettuce wrap (romaine, butter or radiccio)
  • In the hole of an avocado
  • In a bowl

Spicy Salmon Poke bowl (RAW)

  • Base: Rice and mixed greens
  • Poke: salmon+sriracha mayo+green onions+macadamia nuts+avocado
  • Veggies: avocado, cucumber
  • Topping: gomasio + seaweed

Miso cod poke bowl (COOKED)

  • Base: Cauliflower rice
  • Poke: miso glazed cod (show with cooked salmon too)
  • Veggies: picked red onion, seaweed salad
  • Topping: black sesame and pink salt and wasabi
  • Dressing: Onion tamari dressing

Crispy tofu bowl marinated onion soy dressing (VEG)

  • Base: Julienne Kale
  • Poke: crispy tofu marinated in the onion soy based dressing
  • Veggies: mango+radish etc
  • Topping: pomegranate+ground almonds+fried shallots
  • Dressing: Carrot Ginger dressing


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