Japanese firm applies rice paddy construction technologies for culturing microalgae

[Japan] Euglena Co Ltd and Kobashi Industries Co Ltd (Okayama City) built a “dike-type microalgae culturing pool” by using dike coating technologies that are used for construction of Japanese rice paddies.

The culturing pool started operations at Euglena’s Microalgae Energy Research Center (Taki-cho, Mie Prefecture) July 31, 2017, in the aim of conducting a joint research for reducing production cost of microalgae for fuel including euglena (microalga).

In 2005, Euglena established a technology to culture a large amount of euglena outdoors for the first time in the world. It develops and sells functional food and cosmetics using euglena and conducts researches for production of biofuel. Kobashi Industries is a company that develops, manufactures and sells rotaries, dike coating machines, implements for puddling and other machines for tractors as well as tillage tines.

The two companies concluded a contract to jointly research and develop a method to efficiently and stably culture microalgae in September 2014. And they have been engaged in (1) the establishment of a microalgae culturing pool for fuel production using rice paddy construction technologies and (2) a joint research for reducing construction cost.

This time, Euglena and Kobashi Industries built the dike-type microalgae culturing pool on soil solidified into the shape of a dike by using Kobashi Industries’ rice paddy construction technologies. It can reduce construction cost by about 90%, compared with a culturing pool built by using concrete, and construction period by about 75%.

As a result, it becomes possible to reduce the production cost of microalgae to be used as fuel, which is required in large amounts, and promptly increase production volume as necessary.

The scale of the culturing pool is about 1,000m2 per unit. Euglena and Kobashi Industries plan to expand it to about 3,000m2 as the cultivation scale increases. They will continue to further increase the scale and efficiency of the culturing pool.


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