Research to watch wind effect on algal bloom

[USA] Researchers said the direction and location of algal bloom is dependent on the wind.

That means they are watching the wind speed and water temperatures closely for the next seven to ten days beginning Tuesday.

A member of the University of Toledo’s Water Task force said it’s important to watch these images closely and for consumers to pay attention to the forecasts because the bloom can shift within a day.

“But this is when it’s going to be at it’s mass and when it’s going to be growing. It’s been spending months feeding on the nutrients, the rain runoff probably March, April, May, June. Now it’s triggered and now it’s growing. So it’s a critical time to watch to see where is it going to expand especially along the shore line for contact advisories and of course for out water treatment intake,” said Dr. Patrick Lawrence, member of UT’s Water Task Force.

Professor Lawrence also said in three years, Toledo’s water treatment plant has made big changes in monitoring, treating and communicating the water quality to consumers.


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