Subpesca to fund technical studies for algae projects in artisanal fisheries

[Chile] The program of the Fisheries Management Fund (FAP) has CLP 120 million (USD 184,000) and seeks to support those interested in having access to the algae farming and restocking bonus.

The Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SUBPESCA) reports that until September 20, artisanal fishermen from all over the country will be able to apply for the technical advisory program for restocking and farming macroalgae in management and capture of benthic resource areas (AMERB).

The program is aimed at artisanal fisheries organizations with management areas at the national level, who, through it, will be able to apply for a single payment of CLP 1.5 million (USD 2,300) for hiring an advisory to carry out the procedures favouring the future development of algae restocking or farming activities in their management areas.

The objective of the initiative is to help artisanal fisheries organizations for:

  1. The elaboration or regulation of Amerb’s monitoring studies having the algae resource within their technical project;
  2. Obtaining permits for experimental aquaculture or aquaculture at Amerb, which consider the algae within their technical project; and
  3. Obtaining restocking permits for this resource.

Applications for this benefit can be submitted at all Zonal Directions in the country or at the FAP offices of Valparaiso until September 20.


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