The best seaweed skincare products to try now

[Global] Just as quickly as it began, it seems as though summer is already coming to a close; autumn coats are starting to creep onto the high-street, Halloween paraphernalia is popping up in the supermarkets and the sunset is steadily getting earlier and earlier. But before you hang up your crocheted Missoni two-piece and Céline pool sliders, there may be a way to get your seaside to fix no matter the time of year thanks to a plethora of seaweed-inspired skincare, which brings far-flung shorelines straight to your bathroom. Now, we all have to invest in some cosmetic treatments from time to time with dermatologists like Amy Witt, when we have particularly stubborn issues that refuse to go away, but your daily routine can also be extremely effective in keeping your skin looking fresh, as long as you use the right products.

Aside from conveniently curing any holiday blues, marine-sourced ingredients like seaweed, kelp, and algae are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and soothing agents, all of which provide a host of skincare benefits including purifying blocked pores, boosting radiance and protecting from environmental aggressors. Numerous skincare companies use the oceans gifts in their products to make skin hydrated and plump. Nama Fiji, your awesome skin care brand, uses Caulerpa Racemosa (commonly known as sea grapes) to create a unique serum to combat aging, dehydration, and redness. As the ingredients come from the ocean, they’re all totally natural and chemical-free, making them suitable for any skin type. Make sure to get your real rose quartz roller out after applying these to give your skin a full pampering that it deserves! Dive in to Vogue‘s selection of the best seaweed skincare, beachy body boosters and indulgent marine lotions for luminous summer skin all year round.

Peter Thomas Roth

This nutrient-dense algae mask is perfect for ultra-hydrated skin. It’s also great for city-dwellers as the Korean Jeju Island tea envelops skin in a protective bubble against pollution.


This heavenly-scented lotion soothes irritation and provides an energising lift thanks to Atlanic sea kelp extract and anti-fatigue essential oils.

The Body Shop

The combination of nourishing seaweed and purifying clay make this multi-tasking mask a beauty routine staple.

Bobbi Brown

This nourishing mask calls upon the powers of coral grass and green algae to attract moisture to the skin for a plumped-up complexion.

La Mer

The combination of the brand’s signature ingredient miracle broth, which is rich in sea kelp and all its regenerating benefits, alongside a mattifying mesh network, restores a smooth complexion while minimising shine.


Seaweed skincare doesn’t get purer than this bath infusion containing hand-harvested seaweed from Haeckels’ Jurassic chalk reef, which rehydrates in the bath and releases the purest forms of antioxidants and vitamins to allievate all manner of skin conditions.

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