New to Algae? Sign up for Algae 101 at the Algae Biomass Summit

[USA] Whether you are attending the Algae Biomass Summit for the first time or the 11th, you will take something valuable away from this special introductory session at the beginning of the conference. Perfect for investors, those new to the Summit, or anyone wanting an inside track to the week’s activities and personalities.

Algae 101 Agenda: 

Special Welcome

Matt Carr, Executive Director, Algae Biomass Organization

An Algae Technology Intro by Dr. Know – Algae from the Dawn of Time to Tomorrow

John Benemann, CEO, MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

Summit Sneak Peak – The Best of the Week Ahead

Jason Quinn, Professor, Colorado State University, and Summit Program Chair

Meet the Algae Elite – Top Industry Executives in an Interactive Forum

Dave Hazlebeck, CEO, Global Algae Innovations

Jacques Beaudry-Losique, Chief Business Officer, Algenol Biotech

Martin Sabarsky, CEO, Cellana

Stephen Mayfield – Director, California Center for Algae Biotechnology

Rebecca White – Vice President, Qualitas Health


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